Yarra Valley Skydiving

Experience a thrilling tandem skydive at 15, 000 ft over the Yarra Valley in Victoria and be amazed by the incredible views of this world renowned wine region. Find and book all the best Yarra Valley skydive options online here and begin the adventure of a lifetime. Skydiving is the perfect extreme activity for thrill seekers or those who are looking to push themselves to the limit and confront their fear of heights. Choose from a skydive at 7, 000 ft or 15, 000 ft with a mind blowing free fall up to 60 seconds. Skydivers are rewarded with views of the fields and vineyards of the Yarra Valley on the aerial flight back to the drop zone. Melbourne customers are welcome with transfers available from the CBD and St. Kilda. Whether you are a visitor a local looking to explore your own backyard, view the Yarra Valley skydiving options below and book here!

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Yarra Valley Skydiving
Yarra Valley Skydiving by Skydive Yarra Valley

Skydive from an exhilarating height of up to 15,000ft with a tandem skydive over the Yarra Valley Wine Region... the maximum thrill over amazing scenery!

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