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The Alps aren't the only attraction to be found on New Zealand's West Coast - with its wide array of NZ wildlife, there are plenty of attractions that help to emphasise this area that has a reputation as the "wildest side" of the country. Blanketed by a landscape comprised of brooding mountains, icy glaciers and rugged coastal scenery, there are plenty of opportunities to come face to face with the animals iconic of this region - including the national animal of New Zealand, the Kiwi.

The dense bush and forest around the West Coast are relatively untouched by man and the undergrowth abounds in amazing animals - both regular and nocturnal - waiting to be discovered. Visit a New Zealand West Coast attraction and take in this great combination of all things natural that will give you a taste of NZ's flora and fauna firsthand!

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West Coast Wildlife Centre Day Pass
West Coast Wildlife Centre Day Pass by West Coast Wildlife Centre

Grab a ticket to the best wildlife park in New Zealand's West Coast region - the West Coast Wildlife Centre - and see NZ's iconic bird, the kiwi, up close!

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