Jet Boating in and around Sydney

If you thought Sydney Harbour itself was a dazzling enough spectacle, wait until you've experienced it at high speeds while performing an endless array of fun stunts with one of these Sydney Harbour jet boating adventures! You'll join a fun day out in which you'll zip past the many icons of the harbour such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge while performing a series of manoeuvres such as 360 degree spins, high-impact power brakes, wave jumps and much more as the wind and surf spray through your hair makes you feel truly alive.

Hold on tight, get ready to laugh, and feel the power of the jet engines as they are unleashed and the surge of speed that only jet boating can provide!

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Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Ride
Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Ride by Oz Jetboating

Join us at Sydney's Circular Quay for Australia's best jet boating adventure!

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